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The lasagna looks and sounds delicious! I'm starting to enjoy kale a bit more in things, even a kale salad if Ashley makes it. (she has several wonderful recipes) I too am in the kitchen more, cooking a bit for my guy, John. He's a much better cook than I am, but I need to take my turns.:) We've decided that eating out is too much of a risk, even though our restaurants are open, with restrictions. I do miss perusing menus, deciding on what I'd like, and sitting and chatting. I also miss DRAFT BEER.


Looks great! (The food and the blog) I’m glad you’re doing this. I’m following intently, cheers!


I'm more used to matters and beef in my lasagna but yours looks and sounds delicious. Basil? Oh yes a plant that gaces our vegetable garden yearly, these past 45 years. We add it to our diet frequently but , for me, the best part is to rub a few leaves daily just for the aphrodisiac aroma.

Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan

Damn. I do love the fact that you are blogging again, and may give blogging another try. I am in a bit of a blue funk about social media. Overwhelmed by some of the negativity and quasi apocalyptic posts on Facebook, and I do not really like Instagram (on which I follow fewer than 10 people), and I despise Twitter, on which I only follow my daughter.
Hey, I made a nice batch of pesto the other day.
And a late Happy Birthday to you. How can you even be 50?!!?

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