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Ah, crap, that form autocompleted with my real name and I didn't catch that. Can you change that? I AM GOOD AT BLOGS


Fuck it all, but also happy birthday. I would never, ever question your knowledge of Europe.


Happiest of birthday, Ali! 🎈🎈 Also, Cleveland is a beautiful city (i grew up there) and you should definitely go next year. Great blog; you’ll get on the don’t give a shit what others think train soon enough. I’ll be there to welcome you. 💕

Susan Gracely

Happy 5oth birthday Ali! The 60s are much worse so enjoy this decade! Go to Switzerland and meet your mids there.


Happy 50th! I had a big party for mine but those are bygone days. Hard to believe that it was nearly 14 years ago. In some ways I feel better than I did back then...until I look in the mirror. I set a goal to travel internationally once a year, and here came the pandemic. Sigh. But with my new grandson so far away, perhaps I need to stay domestic.

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