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I cooked a lot (for me) when I was living in the Airbnb in New York, and then helped Ashley cook by holding Baby. :) I did actually do a few things in the kitchen, but she is much more competent than I. She used that mandoline of which you speak (for carrots), and I had no clue what it was. I do miss going out, although John and I usually did two happy hours a week--which was perfect. As I've mentioned before, I enjoy the randomness of ordering off menus, and miss draft beer! John is an excellent cook, and I'm getting better, although no where in his, your, or Ashley's league. I would love to see what you're cooking on the blog! (with recipes if that's not too much work)


We had at least 1 girl, and for awhile both, studying from home during confinement, plus me and my husband wfh. I admit to complaining a little about trying to figure out what to cook twice a day. But both girls brought up good childhood memories of back in the olden days when they came home for lunch every day. It was/is a good thing. Now, what to do with all these tomatoes I have on hand....

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